A controversial photographic exhibition of gang members - including one accused of murder - has proved popular with the public.

At the Gow Langsford Gallery in Auckland yesterday, a steady stream of people, many of them young, filed in to see the series of photos by Kiwi Jono Rotman.

The photos were taken over a period of seven years and feature members from the Notorious, Rogue and Mongrel Mob New Zealand chapters. Many of those photographed are heavily tattooed and proudly show off gang patches.

The exhibition has come under fire over the past week, with opponents accusing the work of immortalising gang members.


In recent days, one photo in particular - that of accused murderer Shane Harrison - has been criticised.

Harrison is alleged to have shot dead 25-year-old Wellington man Sio Matalasi last August. Mr Matalasi's family have asked for Harrison's photo to be taken down out of respect for their son. However, the gallery has so far refused.