It's New Zealand Music Month - the perfect opportunity to go in search of something new. Each day we're asking a member of our local creative fraternity to throw a little limelight on an artist or group they want you to know about.

"I hopped in the car and turned on the radio and this beautiful song was playing and I thought 'who the hell is this?'"

Songstress Julia Deans had turned the wireless on midway through Jeremy Taylor's music review slot on Radio New Zealand National.

"Jeremy said 'so this is Glass Vaults' and went I NEED TO KNOW MORE."

Glass Vaults are Wellington's Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce - who create a rather dreamy, hypnotic kinda sound. Some smart sod online used the phrase Stoner Gospel.


They released the Glass EP in 2010 and the Into Clear EP last October. They also collaborate regularly with co-producer Bevan Smith.

"I'd always been a fan of his work (Signer, Over The Atlantic) so it's quite nice to have that little connection."

When she heard Glass Vaults on the radio she didn't realise but she had seen them live already - supporting HDU in Wellington.

"Like a shot of whiskey then a shot of tequila."

"I was like oh that's really beautiful but, without wanting to sound rude, kinda forgot about it until I heard Jeremy playing something off the new EP and I thought that's just delicious."

Glass Vaults: Golden

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