We asked Jeremy of Midnight Youth, who is one of the many local music stars hitting the beach pub circuit in the coming weeks, to discuss the joys of touring and what it's like to have a job keeping the holidaying hordes entertained.

Your preferred transport for summer touring?

Definitely a good-sized van with a bit of character - nothing beats a long drive to the next venue.

Who does the driving and who's not allowed to drive?
We usually have a crew member take that responsibility, there's just no way we would trust anyone in the band. Last summer we chose our driver solely on his knowledge of swimming holes and beaches.

What's on the car stereo?
We have a crappy FM transmitter so we can pass an iPod round - often we'll pick a theme for the drive (like swimming) and everyone has to stay to the theme for each track.

If you had a talking GPS in the vehicle what famous voice would you want?
Nelson Mandela.

Your favourite summer venue?
That's too hard a question really - if the sun's out and people turn up, then pretty much everywhere is a good venue in New Zealand.

Favourite spot on tour itinerary which isn't a venue?
I always hold a soft spot for Waihi KFC.


Any New Year's Eve gig traditions?
We've only played two New Year's shows together so far and both times have been a little blurry to be honest - we'll have to get on to finding a better correlation.

What's the difference between a summer pub crowd and a winter city pub audience?
I think the main difference is the drinking - and how they're drinking. Winter brings a serious, but calculated boozer while summer brings a much more carefree indulger.

What's this year's likely encore song. Is it the same as last year's?
I have a feeling we're gonna be playing the same encore song for quite some time ... .

Can you really call this work?
Yes, and we're proud to! We actually work our asses off pre-tour to make our shows special and to keep ourselves peaking - so when I'm singing the same song 50 times a week in a sweaty-hot room then I feel the word "work" makes a bit more sense.

Dates: Bodega, Wgtn, Dec 16; Royal Palmerston North, Dec 17; Sideline Napier, Dec 21; Brewers, Tauranga, Dec 22; Altitude Hamilton, Dec 23; Brownzy, Browns Bay, Dec 24; Coroglen Tavern, Dec 29 (with Dave Dobbyn and Dukes); Brewers Field, Mt Maunganui, Dec 30; Waihi Beach Hotel, New Year's Eve; Butlers Reef, New Plymouth, Jan 2; Station Village, Lower Hutt, Jan 3; Riwaka Hotel, Jan 4; Mangawhai Tavern, Jan 6; Opononi Hotel, Jan 7.