Another day, another lawsuit for veteran pop singer Madonna.

While the singer is busy globe-trotting with her MDNA tour, titillating fans with her naughty boob-popping and cheeky rear-end flashing, the Like a Virgin star is also facing some legal woes.

Yesterday, news emerged that France's far-right National Front is planning to sue Madonna after the singer screened video footage of party leader Marine Le Pen with a swastika superimposed on her forehead at a concert in Paris on Saturday.

According to the BBC, a lawsuit against the singer will be filed this week.


Watch the controversial clip in question here.

That looming litigation is swiftly followed by news that Madge is also being sued for alleged copyright infringement on her hit single Vogue - an eyebrow-lifting 22 years after its release.

Hi Madge, this is 1990 calling. About that sample, love...

E! News reports that US-based record company VMG has filed a suit against Madonna and her one-time label WB Records, claiming the singer sampled portions from Salsoul Orchestra's track Ooh I Love It (Love Break) in her 1990 chart-topper Vogue.

According to the lawsuit, VMG label bosses allege that "portions of Love Break, which have been copied into Vogue and all its various mixes, remixes, videos, YouTube versions, etc, are numerous but intentionally hidden. The horn and strings in Vogue are intentionally sampled from Love Break throughout."

Music producer Richard 'Shep' Pettibone reportedly remixed versions of Love Break, and also later worked on Vogue, E! reports. In the suit, the label alleges that Pettibone "intentionally disguised the sampling he did in Vogue".

So why is the label suddenly hung up on litigation after two decades?

VMG claims in its lawsuit that it took more modern technology to discover the alleged sample.

"It was only when VMG specifically looked for the sample, with the technology available to it in 2011, that the sampling could be confirmed," the label said.

VMG says it attempted to give notice of copyright infringement to Madonna and label WB Records twice before in July 2011, and again in February 2012.

The company is seeking damages, "in addition to [Madonna's] profits that are attributable to the copyrighted material."

Take a listen to Vogue here, and Ooh, I Love It (Love Break) here.

Representatives for Madonna have yet to comment.

But a 'source' dishes to Britain's Mirror: "Madonna isn't losing any sleep over this just yet. She hasn't ripped anyone off and she is confident that this will go away."

Meanwhile, the queen of pop, fresh out of the fire after flashing her boob on stage at a gig last month, is still determined to get her point across.

The 53-year-old icon kicked off a storm in June when she took to the stage with her MDNA show and decided to flash her right nipple to a crowd in Istanbul, Turkey.

The singer was performing a rendition of her 1995 hit, Human Nature, when her dance routine turned into a strip tease.

After ditching her shirt, she caught the crowds by surprise when she went on to peel down her lacy bra, revealing her nipple to the audience.

Well, she's at it again. Yep, it's Boobgate 2: Revenge of the raspberry ripple.

The Girl Gone Wild singer took the stage in Paris on Saturday night and flashed the crowd once again, this time exposing her left boob.

She then turned around and dropped trou to reveal her G-string clad, fishnet-propped derriere.

Watch the video of the incident here (warning: explicit content).

Madge also dropped the video for her latest single, Turn Up The Radio, earlier today. Check it out here.

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