The leader of the only party to get no votes in an electorate says she isn't surprised.

The Democrats for Social Credit Party, which totalled 1432 votes nationwide, could not attract a single voter in Mangere.

All other parties got at least one vote in each electorate.

Leader Stephnie de Ruyter said she was not happy with her party's overall share of the votes.


"When you're a party outside Parliament it's always pretty hard going and you always hope for a better result," she said.

The Mangere result, in particular, was "not surprising" or even disappointing.

"In an electorate like Mangere, we don't have any activists. Our membership tends to live slightly over the electoral borders, and therefore their votes go elsewhere," Ms de Ruyter said.

The party's main support base was in the southern regions and many supporters had chosen to vote strategically, she said.

Democrats for Social Credit did better overall than the 2008 election, with 224 more votes, bringing its total vote up from 0.05 per cent to 0.07 per cent.