For 11 months of the year the dedicated fan has any number of major and minor events to satisfy an obsession with the wonderful wide world of sport; although there can be long, lean periods of nothing but reruns and highlights.

Then there is that 12th month, that gem in the rough which reminds you of why you are such a sports tragic.

That month is March and March is the greatest month of all.

It's fair to say we've been relatively spoilt up to now. ODI cricket, stonking Super Rugby derbies, March madness college basketball.


Heaven, in my twisted personal universe, in which too much sport is never enough.

That was even before this weekend. Because this weekend is the biggest sporting weekend of all.

Over the next 48 hours prepare to overindulge. If you're a sports tragic such as me, clear your calendar, even sell your bloody Ed Sheeran tickets. That ginger will be back but we might not get a sports menu so delicious for a long time to come.

It kicks off this afternoon with the Blackcaps resuming at Eden Park in the historic day-night test against the Poms. In a commanding position even the choke-prone New Zealand cricketers should be able to capitalise on their first day obliteration.

Coming in over the top of the night part of the day-night test, are the Crusaders playing the Bulls at home. That's not even close to the best Super Rugby however. Not by a long shot. Tomorrow night the red-hot Highlanders head to the capital looking to overcome the Hurricanes in a game which is bound to be intense.

Before that, and clashing with the cricket again, if the weather holds tomorrow afternoon, the Warriors continue their redemption journey against the 0-2 raiders in Canberra.

For two glorious hours on Sunday, Brendon Hartley starts his journey as New Zealand's newest motorsport pride and joy when the season opening Melbourne Grand Prix gets underway.

For the truly sports-mad Kiwi – where strange foreign sports can be just as exciting - the glorious AFL season is back, and Kiwi-connected sensation Dustin Martin and the Richmond Tigers have already started their flag defence with a win. Who stands up as a contender to challenge for their premiership?

It just doesn't stop.

There's Silver Ferns netball to dabble in, a league to keep track of, Supercars to follow, LPGA to roll around in even European cycling to get weird about.

NBA, college hoops, Australian and South African petulance in their own cricket test series.

I don't know how else I can say it without sounding officially unhinged. This weekend could be one of the busiest and best we have seen and will see.