An Auckland motorway tunnel has reopened after a truck crash forced its closure earlier this afternoon.

The New Zealand Transport Agency has advised the Victoria Park Tunnel is now clear, with the Wellington Street onramp and Grafton Gully motorway link also open to traffic.

Police said the truck and trailer crashed into the back of a stationary vehicle before rolling just before 1pm. The drivers were taken to hospital with moderate injuries, police said.

Michael Mason, a passing motorist, said all four lanes of traffic were backed up about a kilometre.


"The truck has flipped on its side and it's taking out the whole motorway."

He said police made him take another exit but some cars had to reverse out.

About six police cars and three fire engines were on the scene, he said.

Fire service spokeswoman Megan Ruru said the accident had left one person trapped in their vehicle.

She said teams had to use rescue equipment to extricate them.

The fire service did not yet have any details about how the crash happened, she said.