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Police ordered a family from their home before breaking windows and firing tear gas inside in an effort to catch a man wanted on three arrest warrants.

Detective Senior Sergeant Mark McHattie said police found a gun at a house in the Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn but not the man they were looking for.

Police later issued a statement to say another man, a 29-year-old, has been arrested after an air rifle and cannabis was found at the house.

Mr McHattie said police were still looking for Daniel Vae, a patched gang member and known P-addict who should not be approached.

Nzherald.co.nz understands Vae is a senior member of the King Cobra gang and once allegedly pulled a gun on police while being searched for drugs on Auckland's Queen Street.

"Police are concerned about some of his recent behaviour which seems to be escalating in its level of violence," Mr McHattie said.

He said police also raided another house in Mt Roskill where they found a modified 5.56 semi automatic rifle, a bullet proof vest and a Taser.

But the police raid of the Castle St home in Grey Lynn has left the Vae family feeling angry.

Aliitasi Vae said they were woken up at 6.30am by police shouting.

"We tried to tell them that they didn't need to do this," she said.

Ms Vae said police ordered them out of their property, despite the family telling police the man wasn't home. Police broke windows and fired at least 10 rounds of tear gas once the family were outside.

Ms Vae said police were going "off second-hand news from neighbours".

"We were telling them 'just come through' but no, they wanted to teargas our house."

Armed Offenders Squad officers with rifles, riot shields and masks entered the property shortly before 9am. They were joined by two police dog handlers.

"The person hasn't lived here for ages. We don't hardly see him ... We haven't seen him for months or weeks," Ms Vae said.

She said four adults and three young children lived at the house and had to stand around in their pyjamas for three hours.

Her brother-in-law was handcuffed during the raid and police said it was "part of procedure".

Ms Vae said she asked if police would pay for the broken windows and they told her they would have to ask their boss.

Police spokeswoman Noreen Hegarty said the family was offered police cars to sit in while police were at their home but declined the offer.

Firefighters arrived at the home at about 9.30am and took fan units into the house to try and flush out the tear gas.

Neighbours of Ms Vae said police had been called to the house in the past.

One woman, who did not want to be named, said she took her dog for a walk to go and get the paper at about 6.45am and found armed police out on the road.

She said she watched as the family came out of the house.

"They looked as if they had just woken up; they looked cold," the woman said.

"The poor wee fulla - who is all of five or six - walked out with his hands on his head," she said.

The woman said police used her and her daughter's cars as shields.

"There were definitely no shortage of weapons," she said.