Stories about historic feats in sport are often one-sided: you hear about the triumph, but rarely about the disappointment from the team or player on the receiving end.

But for former Black Cap Anton Devcich, his role in a sensational moment in New Zealand cricket history was the worst day of his professional career.

During a Super Smash clash against the Canterbury Kings early this year, Northern Districts bowler Devcich was hit for six sixes in one over by Leo Carter – which ultimately led to his side losing the important match with Canterbury chasing down 220 in an unlikely comeback.

It was the first time a Kiwi had hit six sixes in one over and just the seventh time in history at a top domestic level or higher.

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Speaking on the Between Two Beers podcast, the 34-year-old spoke openly for the first time about being on the wrong side of that historic over.

"It was a tough day," he said. "I would probably put my performance down to probably the toughest day in terms of mental stuff that I've ever had.

"I've had a lot of downs throughout my cricketing career. But processing that while it was happening, then getting off the field and having about 56 beers that night because I had to try and forget about it, that was the hardest thing.

"Just f***ing processing it and going what the f*** just happened. That's not supposed to happen. It knocked me around a little bit for a wee while but it was softened because I played really well with the bat for the next couple of games.

"So I sort of forgot about that relatively quickly - well two weeks if you call that relatively quickly. I still have nightmares about it now. But it was a tough day that's for sure."

The former Super Smash player of the year recalled what was going through his mind during the over.

"The scary thing about it is Leo Carter is not the biggest six hitter going around. So if it was a [Colin] Munro or someone like that, I would hate to know how long that went for.

"But it was a bloody tough day to be fair. You sort of let go of that first ball and it doesn't quite come out that way and it goes for six and you're like, 'I'll be right. Surely I can't get hit for six sixes in a row'. Halfway through the over you're like 'f***ing hell this is on here'.


"It was a tiny boundary; the wind was going that way. That's what we're running with anyway."

Devcich said he blocked out social media for a while to stay away from negative comments.

"I did go off Twitter for a couple of weeks because I knew that I would get bombarded with Indian and Pakistanis telling me how s*** I was. That's the common theme on Twitter when you play poorly is you just get hammered by the 10 billion people that watch it over in Asia.

"You obviously find out who your close mates are during a time like that as well because you get some real good messages as well from around the country from some good mates. You try and do your best to focus on those ones and just bin the other s*** that comes through."

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He said the worst thing about the whole thing was the fact that he cost his team the win in what was a crucial match.

"The toughest thing was we went from a winning position – we were flying – to a losing position pretty quickly. And that was probably the hardest thing because we needed to win that game to go give ourselves a shot to go to the semis.

"It was almost a bloody double blow to be fair: a) that it happened – six sixes in an over – but b) I basically f***ed up the chances of us moving on to the semifinal. It's just one of those things that as a sportsman, you've got to just suck it up and get on with it I guess."

Anton Devcich. Photo / Photosport
Anton Devcich. Photo / Photosport

Devcich says he's moved on from his career low, but joked that he wouldn't do the same to another bowler if given the opportunity.

"The way I felt after I hit six sixes, I don't think I could do it to another human being. I would have to block the last one to be fair. Mate it was a good effort. I would definitely give it a crack but I've been unsuccessful on numerous occasions that's for sure."

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3.04 How Seamus and Steve know Anton

5.01 Facing Shane Bond as an 18 year old: Can Anton top the Wasim Akram story shared by Jimmy Pamment on Episode 19?

8.36 Who is Anton Devcich? "…really likeable but keeps you on your toes! A very talented and competitive cricketer …one of those maverick type characters…"

14.22 Reflections on the Black Caps career to date: injuries, and competing with Brendan McCullum, Martin Guptill, Colin Munro and Kane Williamson

19.22 A product of your environment: 1st XV Rugby v 1st XI cricket and making the decision to focus on cricket and developing from a bowler to a batsman who bowls

26.01 The late development of Anton Devcich the international cricketer

40.24 The Caribbean Premier League: Chris Gayle and the St Kitts and Nevis Patriots and dinner and drinks in Trinidad with Brian Lara and "All night" Dwight

37.57 Ideal preparation for lockdown: the realities of travelling around the world as an international T20 cricketer

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