An investigation has been launched into allegations of violence during a club cricket match in Horowhenua-Kapiti on Sunday.

A match between Paraparaumu and Weraroa reportedly sparked farcical scenes, with Stuff reporting that one player repeatedly kicked an opposition player-umpire in the head, as he lay prone on the ground.

A witness told Stuff that the attack was "absolute thuggery", with the attack stemming from a decision from a Paraparaumu player-umpire, and escalating to the point that police were called.

Horowhenua-Kapiti Cricket Association CEO David O'Brien said the organisation were made aware of this incident yesterday and immediately launched an investigation into the matter.


"We are extremely disappointed to hear of allegations of violence on our cricket grounds and simply don't condone any form of abuse," O'Brien said.

The organisation have received a New Zealand Code of Conduct report from the official umpire, and those identified in the report will now go through the formal process outlined by New Zealand Cricket.