An Auckland landlord who offered her properties to those who have to self-isolate has pulled the advertisements after being slammed by the public.

Since Sunday, those travelling into New Zealand, except for those arriving from the Pacific Islands, are required to self-isolate for 14 days.

People can self-isolate in their own homes with their families and friends, however the Ministry of Health has advised against self-isolating with people who are considered vulnerable.

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This has sparked some landlords and Airbnb owners to advertise their properties for self-isolation purposes, but some members of the public have slammed the idea as a money-making scheme.

One landlord told the Herald she advertised two properties in Auckland on Facebook for self-isolation, but soon took them down as people claimed she was doing it to make money during the coronavirus situation.

One was advertised as a four-bedroom house with three full bathrooms in Central Auckland. It came with all furnishing, free unlimited Wi-Fi, electricity and water.

She offered this for 14 days at a price of $3420, which she said covers the mortgage and other expenses.

She added that she planned on leaving the property empty for another seven days to make sure the house was fully steam-cleaned and sterilised before new tenants arrived.

The landlord said during this unprecedented time she thought people would need properties for self-isolation.

However, some people saw it another way.

"Even someone said [to me] don't give the house to that kind [of person] because it's risk. But I just wanted to help people during this situation," she said.


The landlord said she didn't want to anger the public, so will no longer offer her properties for self-isolation and will instead rent them out to normal long-term tenants.