Imported chocolate brand Tresor sold at The Warehouse and supermarkets New World and Pak'nSave has been recalled due to undisclosed peanut ingredients.

The Warehouse and the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) are calling for customers who have peanut allergies and have bought chocolate from the Tresor Dore and Tresor ranges to return the product for a refund.

Both organisations are warning those who have an allergy or intolerance to peanuts not to consume chocolates from the brand, including the orange, mint and strawberry flavoured truffles, the Tresor Dore brand of Chocolate Seashells, the Assortment Grand Luxe, Milk Chocolate Flaked Truffles and the brand's chocolate biscuit assortment.

The chocolate recall includes Tresor Dore chocolate biscuits. Photo / MPI
The chocolate recall includes Tresor Dore chocolate biscuits. Photo / MPI

The Warehouse initially recalled the Tresor brand of Chocolate Seashells but has since extended the recall to include batches of the entire range of chocolates and biscuit assortment.


Tresor and Tresor Dore chocolates are manufactured and imported from China, and are sold in The Warehouse stores throughout New Zealand.

"Consumers with a peanut allergy or intolerance should return the product to any of The Warehouse stores for a full refund. If you are not allergic or intolerant to peanuts this recall does not affect you," the retailer said in its recall notice.

"The Warehouse wishes to apologise to our customers for any inconvenience that this may cause."

Tania Benyon, CEO of sourcing at The Warehouse, said the retailer was investigating the source of contamination.

"We have taken all precautionary measures to ensure there are no further undeclared allergens in any of our products," Benyon said.

MPI is warning those with allergies who have consumed chocolates from either brands to seek medical advice.

The Herald understands supermarkets New World and Pak'n Save also sell the product, supplied by Auckland import company William Aitken & Co.

A spokeswoman for Foodstuffs, the company which owns New World and Pak'nSave, said the recall affected selected stores. She has not yet responded to questions about which stores.


"On the receipt of a recall notice all affected stores [were] notified by our regulatory team to remove products from their shelves immediately," she said.

Stores were using posters to advise customers about the recall, she said.

William Aitken & Co managing director Don Graham said the company had imported limited quantities of the chocolate from China, which it supplied to supermarkets. The Warehouse has a separate supply and distribution arrangement with the manufacturer of these chocolates.

"We have asked our retailers to temporarily remove from sale their stock of Tresor Dore chocolates until we are able to re-label the boxes," Graham said.

"We are also currently liaising with the manufacturer about their manufacturing processes and the presence of an undeclared allergen."

MPI records show there have been around 63 food recalls this year.