Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has already shown she is an adept user of social media - announcing her pregnancy via Instagram – and now she is attempting to reach into the business community through LinkedIn.

Ardern sent out her first post on Linked In on Tuesday admitting she had "been a bit slack" using the platform and thanked people for their support of her and partner Clarke Gayford after the birth of their baby Neve.

Then it was straight back into the politics with a reminder of the Government's baby bonus and families package changes which it brought in on July 1.

You can read the full post here.


The post has already attracted more than 160 comments – most of a welcoming and congratulatory nature.

But some have been quick to use it to question the Government.

John Fischer, a technology and innovation entrepreneur, questioned why the Government was sticking to the Budget Responsibility Rules.

"The budget responsibility rule is an unnecessary straight jacket.

"No bond investor will care if you have a debt/gdp ratio of 20/25/30 per cent. Nz's debt levels are far better than almost all western nations."

"If you really want to enact meaningful change walk away from this needless impediment," he urged.

Software sales strategist Jason Berry asked why New Zealand's debt levels kept going up if the Government was being so responsible.

"If I go to world debt clock NZ is going up constantly @120bn now and counting, why is that happening if we living within our means???"


Michael Whybro, an industry leader in executive search and recruitment, wanted to know why the Government was not means testing its new Best Start child payment policy or the Winter Energy payment.

Ardern has been tasked with reconnecting with business leaders in the wake of surveys which have shown falling business confidence.

Last week ANZ's business outlook survey showed firms' views of their own activity, continued to fall in July, reaching the lowest levels since May 2008 and May 2009 respectively.

The low levels of confidence – particularly firms' own expectations of performance – have prompted concerns there is an increasing risk of the economy stalling.

She already has 22,000 followers on the business social media platform.

But only time will tell if she is just preaching to the already converted.