BurgerFuel founder Chris Mason has become the US master licensee and will step down from its board of directors as part of the agreement.

Mason will now own Burger Fuel's only US store operating in Indianapolis, and retain his 11 per cent stake in the fast food company.

How much Mason bought the master licence for is undisclosed.

The NZX-listed company said the sale of the US business would allow BurgerFuel Worldwide to return to its primary function as a master franchiser and to focus on local development and financial growth.


"Our initial entry into the US was in an exploratory capacity to establish the viability of the BurgerFuel concept in this large market," BurgerFuel Worldwide chief executive Josef Roberts said. "Whilst this has been achieved, the Board have reviewed the ongoing investment costs required in America and made the decision to exit the market in a developer and store owner capacity."

Mason said he was excited to take on the master licence rights for BurgerFuel in the US.

"[I] believe the brand landing and development work achieved to date sets BurgerFuel up for a bright future," he said. "The BurgerFuel USA team is passionate and committed to capitalising on the success we have had in Indianapolis and replicating this in other parts of the state and the USA".

BurgerFuel Worldwide chairman Peter Brook said the company was delighted Mason had taken on the challenge to develop the brand in the US.

Mason founded the edgy fast food brand 22 years ago and opened the first store in Ponsonby, Auckland. It now has a large number of stores located throughout New Zealand, the Middle East and one in Indianapolis.