Swedish spirit brand Absolut Vodka is baring all, literally, in a daring new global ad campaign aimed at emphasising the transparency of its vodka.

The video features the company's employees in the nude, ranging from farmers to the CEO Anna Malmhake, to show that Absolut is the "Vodka with Nothing to Hide".

In the video, a naked male actor plays the role of an employee named Gunnar. He emerges from behind a hay bale, pixelated where necessary, and leads viewers into fields of winter wheat from which Absolut is distilled, then through a vodka production line.

Malmhake told Bloomberg that after some awkward opening moments, the shoot "felt like a tea party."


"It's lucky there aren't only Swedes working here, otherwise there would be no pixelation."

The ad was created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, an agency owned by Publicis Groupe SA of France.

In all, 28 Absolut employees took part in the video.

Absolut is aiming to turn around years of stagnant sales. In the US, the Swedish brand's sales fell to US$947 million ($1.29b) in 2016 from US$1.24b four years earlier, according to Bloomberg.

Absolut was founded in 1879 and its vodka is made purely from local wheat and water.