Japan is famous for crazy business ventures, but a local porn star's new role might just be the craziest of them all.

Japanese adult actress Asuka Hoshino left the industry in 2014 after starring in dozens of movies between 2010 and 2013.

Now, the 31-year-old has teamed up with wedding co-ordination company Ambitious to offer devoted fans the chance to "marry" her — for a hefty fee.

For almost $4000, fans can purchase an entire fake wedding package with Hoshino, complete with an outfit-shopping session, wedding rehearsal, ceremony and even a kiss at the altar at the end.


The "groom" will be provided with a rented tuxedo while Hoshino will don a traditional wedding gown and the happy couple will even pose for wedding photos with a professional photographer, with the groom getting six photos as a keepsake.

Rings can also be exchanged, although they are not included in the price.

Hoshino will meet with the lucky groom three weeks before the big day to plan their dream wedding, and on the day their hair will be professionally styled.

The ceremonies will all be held in the up-market Odaiba district of Tokyo, and while they will mimic real, traditional weddings, the "posed only" events will not be legally recognised.

The entire event will last for two hours including the all-important rehearsal, walking down the aisle arm-in-arm, and the ceremony which will be performed by a master of ceremonies.

On the Ambitious website, a comment attributed to Hoshino says: "Come enjoy your real wedding with me and be happy together".

Of course, Japan has a long and proud traditional of oddball careers and business ventures.

We have all heard of Japanese "train pushers" who make a living pushing commuters on to crowded trains during peak hour.


National Geographic has recently produced a video about a uniquely Japanese "crying therapy service", which involves women paying a "handsome man" to make them cry and then gently wipe their tears away in order to relieve stress.

And there's also a "cuddle cafe" where you can pay to sleep in the arms of a woman of your choice, and a company entirely dedicated to renting out boyfriends to single women.

But if you've always dreamt of walking down the aisle with a real-life porn star, you'd better get in quick.

The bizarre ceremonies are limited to just three grooms only.

- News.com.au