Fiji Airways in conjunction with Nadi International Airport has unveiled a piece of 3D art work on the outside of its departure terminal.

Designed by US-based master artist Kurt Wenner, who has been commissioned to created 3D art for a number of Fortune50 companies in the US and countries worldwide, said he was happy with the finished piece.

The piece of art depicts flying business class on Fiji Airways and features the slogan "Fly like a Fijian. Wenner said the piece of work was created using pastel colour.

"When Fiji Airways asked me to do a piece of work for them I tried to figure out a fantasy of their motto 'Fly like a Fijian'," he said. "I thought about what it would be like if you had the experience of Fiji during the flight and having done that flight and been in those seats, your vacation really does when you get on the plane."


Wenner said the art work painted on the wall and floor in the outside corner of the terminal took 10, eight to 10 hour-days to complete.

"I work a lot with geometry so [first] I drafted the perspective traditionally and calculated all of the angles. Everything starts with where the angle of the camera is and all of the things are calculated from that particular space," he said.

Wenner has created art for a number of conglomerates including Disney, Microsoft and Nike.

Fiji Airways said it was delighted with the piece of art.