Fuel is now flowing from Marsden Pt to Wiri after repairs were made to the pipeline, and a spokesman for the fuel industry says it is looking forward to the fuel being pumped to Auckland Airport tomorrow night.

The Refining NZ pipeline, which ruptured on September 14, after earlier being hit by a digger, was successfully repaired yesterday.

Refining NZ spokesman Greg McNeill said the first batch of 7 million litres of jet fuel arrived at Wiri at 10.09am this morning. Settling, recertification and transport to the airport for use will take another 30 hours.

Andrew McNaught, representing the customers of the refinery, said the industry welcomed the restart of the pipeline.

Testing will be undertaken to ensure the fuel is safe before being released to the airport, McNaught said.

"While we are keen to meet the demand of our airline customers, safety in the resumption of supply will be the absolute priority for the industry.

"While we are acutely aware of the inconvenience the pipeline outage has caused, we have been impressed with the way the airlines have responded to this outage."

McNaught said Auckland Airport would continue to consider the fuel allocations to airline customers on a daily basis and the allocations would be eased as soon as possible.

Mobil and BP have been transporting jet fuel out of the new truck loading facility at Whangarei over the weekend and Z will begin doing the same tomorrow.

The Matuku oil tanker delivering fuel at Wynyard Quarter. Photo / Doug Sherring.
The Matuku oil tanker delivering fuel at Wynyard Quarter. Photo / Doug Sherring.

On Saturday, the coastal vessel, Matuku, delivered 1.5 million litres of jet fuel into converted chemical tanks at Wynyard Wharf, providing an additional jet fuel supply point in the city. Jet fuel is planned to be available for loading at Wynyard from mid-week.

Yesterday industry decided that HMNZS Endeavour, moored off Marsden Point, can be stood down.