Apple set a new bar for the cost of a smartphone when it unveiled its iPhone X last week.

The new phone will cost US$999 for customers in the US and $1799 if you're buying it in New Zealand. When comparing the local prices in US dollars, New Zealanders will face the fifth highest price in the world for the phone at US$1307.97.

Russia has the highest price tag in US dollars at US$1390.30.

Canadians face a US$79 price difference for the phone, and our neighbours in Australia will be able to buy the phone for US$48.77 cheaper.


The premium version with 256GB of storage will set you back a whopping $2099 in New Zealand.

The price for the device in the US has attracted attention for ushering in the new era of smartphones costing over $1000.

But, if you live outside the US, the cost is even higher.