If one Kiwi luge wasn't enough for South Korea, the country is set to get another.

Skyline Enterprises has today announced it will spend $22 million to develop a second luge in the Asian country.

Skyline Luge Busan, the second luge to be built, will be developed as part of Osiria Theme Park, a large-scale attraction park, hotel and shopping complex worth US$333m (NZ$487m) located near Busan City.

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It will consist of four tracks, each 900m long and have two chairlifts capable of up to 2600 rides per hour.

Skyline Enterprises executive chairman Mark Quickfall said the company was honoured to haven been invited to include its luge attraction in the complex.

"The Luge has proven to be very popular in South Korea so far, so investing in further sites there is a logical decision. It's also great to be able to take this homegrown, Kiwi attraction to more people internationally," he said.

"Korean visitors to New Zealand have been enjoying our Luge sites in Rotorua and Queenstown for many years, so taking it to their home market is an exciting development for Skyline."

Skyline has joined a consortium led by GS Retail and multinational conglomerate Lotte to lease land from Busan Metropolitan City.

Preparation of the site will begin in September, with construction of the Luge tracks and facilities beginning in August 2018.

The company expects to have the Luge complete in 2019.

Skyline has been operating the Luge since 1985 in New Zealand. It now has sites operating in Queenstown, Rotorua, Canada, Singapore and Tongyeong, South Korea.

Busan is Korea's second-largest city and will be Skyline's seventh luge site.