Campervan operator Tourism Holdings has dobbed in customers to the police after real time monitoring equipment found evidence of dangerous driving.

Chief executive Grant Webster says there have been cases in Australia where police have been told of risky behaviour and the company is rolling out equipment to allow it do the same in New Zealand.

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Telematics technology receives wireless information and can track the vehicle's location and speed. A screen in the motorhome's cab provides feedback to drivers from THL operators.


Warning signals are set so they increase in intensity if speeding continues.

"If we have a serial offender with what we believe is a dangerous amount of speeding we will warn them several times and then fine them."

As part of the rental agreement, drivers are liable to pay up to $300.

Asked whether police had been called in, Webster says it has been done in a few cases.

"If we believe they are a serious risk to themselves and other people we will take action to address that."

Customers had been overwhelmingly positive about the tracking system which last summer helped direct some away from bush fires in Victoria, Australia.

"It's fascinating and useful information we're getting," Webster says. "We can see what [country] of origin speed the most or have the harshest driving so we can get more specific about how we focus our education."

Telematics is in all of the 1300 rental vehicles in Australia and 25 per cent of the 2000 vehicles in this country.