Toyota is recalling all RAV4 SUVs manufactured between 2005 and 2014.

The global recall affecting RAV4 models in New Zealand and the United States comes following the discovery of a possible safety fault involving the shape of a seat cushion frame, compromising seatbelt safety in 2,696,300 vehicles.

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Toyota said in the event of of a high-speed collision, the lap belt of the rear seat could contact the seat cushion frame.


"If this occurs, the seat belt webbing may be compromised and not properly restrain the occupant," the Japenese automotive manufacturer said.

Although there have been no reported incidents of this fault occurring in New Zealand, the company is currently investigating how many imported second hand vehicles could be affected.

Toyota New Zealand said it will be contacting owners of the vehicles through traceable registration data.

It is understood the company will add plastic covers to the seat cushion frame at no cost to owners.