Tourism New Zealand and travel agency STA are teaming up to promote the possibility of five extreme activities in a day in the South Island.

It is targeting key youth sector markets with a campaign, starting with a video featuring Queenstown extreme athlete Chuck Berry skydiving, snowboarding, mountain biking, bungy jumping and jetboating in a day.

Tourism New Zealand's 'Five more from here' campaign showcases the diverse range of experiences , all within close proximity of one another.

Tourism New Zealand director of marketing Andrew Fraser said the stunt video aimed to get youth travellers excited about coming here.


"Only in a country like ours, where there are so many things to do in such close proximity, could you experience all five extreme sports in one day. The video shows that in an engaging and exhilarating way and gets people talking," he said.

"Our research tells us that youth travellers are searching for adventure, freedom and excitement and we are confident that 'Five more from here' will show them that New Zealand can offer just that."

The "5X1NZ" campaign includes a NZONE tandem sky dive, mountain bike hire on Rabbit Ridge Bike Resort, Shotover jet boat trip, AJ Hackett bungy and a choice of ski combo packages, including Coronet Peak.

Excluding the ski combo package, the activities would cost $738.

Social media would play a key role in the campaign, Fraser said.

The campaign is being rolled out this month across Tourism New Zealand's key youth markets of Australia, the United States, Britain, Germany, Brazil and Japan .

The youth sector account for 22 per cent of total arrivals and are a priority sector for Tourism New Zealand to help drive higher value visitors to New Zealand. Last year they spent about 23 per cent of the $9.8 billion spent here by international tourists.

The potential to stay longer than other visitors, travel more widely and get involved in a wider range of activities, meaning they are likely to spend more while they are here - presenting significant value for New Zealand.


Berry, a former aircraft engineer for Air New Zealand, is in the Red Bull stable of extreme athletes.