Hollywood film tycoon James Cameron has made two further Wairarapa farm purchases but how much he paid has been kept secret.

The latest Overseas Investment Office decisions show two separate applications and both were granted.

His T Base 2 has consent to buy two farms: 6.7ha at Western Lake Rd and 41.4ha at 3434 Western Lake Rd, both in South Wairarapa.

But no one can know how much he paid.


In both cases, the consideration or the financial amount involved was withheld under a section of the Overseas Investment Act.

"James Cameron and his family intend to reside indefinitely in New Zealand," the office said in the decisions.

"They are acquiring the land as part of a larger acquisition of land in South Wairarapa which they will use as a residence and working farm."

Cameron bought the 6.7ha slice from New Zealanders David Rendel Kingston Gascoigne, Patricia Lee Reddy, Peter Grenville Kingston Gascoigne and Anne Jeanette Gascoigne and the bigger farm from New Zealand business Kiriwai Farm, owned by Marlis Klein.

The Canadian has been busy making many applications in the past few years, buying Western Lake Rd land near Featherston.

All are for his Downunder hideaway in the countryside north of Wellington.

He buys through various entities but in each case he needs clearance because the land is deemed of such importance that the office must consider each application - mainly, in his case, because it's farmland which is deemed sensitive due to the areas of land he is buying.

Cameron directed Terminator, Titanic and the Avatar films and by the middle of last year he had bought more than 1100ha of Wairarapa land. Now, he has more than 1500ha.


In May last year, the office gave clearance for his T Base 2 to buy the Pinnacle Grove walnut orchard and another property from New Zealanders Adrianus and Alexandrine van der Tol, and 10.1ha from New Zealanders Ian and Maria Telfar via their company, Imae.

In August, it was reported that he was allowed to buy another 420ha at Western Lake Rd.

The land was bought from 100 per cent NZ-owned Peveral Industries and Macland Farms.

Overseas investment rules

• Sensitive land includes farm land.
• A purchase needs approval if it exceeds a certain size.
• 5ha of farm land is considered sensitive.
• 3ha of the same land is not.
• Where the land is located can also deem it sensitive.
• If that 3ha of farmland adjoined a recreation reserve on the edge of a lake, it would be "sensitive".
Source: Overseas Investment Office.