Team New Zealand's Camper had a tough 24 hours on day eight of leg three of the Volvo Ocean Race, as the consequences of a tactical error mount.

But the team seem to have now put the worst of the decision to head inshore behind them, inching closer to the leading boats as they make the most of better breeze and boat speed.

Camper is enjoying boat and wind speed almost double that of the top two boats and is working to claw back the losses from Emirates Team New Zealand's earlier mistake.

The decision to head inshore close to the Malaysian coastline in search of better breeze cost Camper dearly with Puma, Telefonica and Groupama all further out to sea and gaining more than 50 miles over Camper.


At one stage both Camper and Abu Dhabi were entirely becalmed and had to anchor to maintain their position and stop themselves going backwards.

Camper skipper Chris Nicholson said the team were determined to put the mistake behind them and gain back as many miles as possible before the next waypoint of Singapore.

"In the last race, heading inshore at this stage paid big dividends, while those boats that stayed out were relegated to the back of the fleet.

"This time round it's the opposite. It's not pretty but that's sailing. Our game plan didn't work out and now we have to deal with the consequences.

"It's a hard ask to pull in the front runners before Singapore but the long beat up to Sanya offers plenty of opportunities," Nicholson said.

In the latest position report Camper is in fifth place, 35.5 nautical miles behind leader Groupama, and is averaging 12.6 knots.