In a much anticipated - and wildly expensive - interview, the woman who claims she had an affair with David Beckham has revealed a barrage of sexual detail on television.

Beckham's former personal assistant, Rebecca Loos, told Sky One's Kay Burley that the Real Madrid midfielder was an "amazing lover" and the pair "couldn't keep their hands off each other" in the bedroom.

She said she had been "besotted" by him and was hurt when the affair ended.

The interview has reportedly netted Loos £150,000 ($397,000). News of the World has also paid £350,000 ($927,000) for a three-week serialisation of her story.

David and Victoria Beckham have already described the claims as "absurd", "ludicrous" and "unsubstantiated". Beckham's lawyers attempted to block the interview, but Sky refused to drop it.

In the Sky One interview, Loos insisted she was telling the truth. She detailed their alleged first night of passion following an outing at a Madrid nightclub. The pair were drawn together "like magnets".

She said: "We were just locked into each other all night conversation-wise, other people noticed ... we just connected.

"I think the chemistry between David and I was so strong ... people were aware and they weren't very happy."

In the club she said he had whispered words to the effect of: "Why don't we just lose the rest and go back [to the hotel] together?"

Loos, 26, told Burley: "A bit later on it dawned on me what he had asked me, and I did want to go back with him."

Loos said they started kissing passionately in a chauffeur-driven car on the way back to the football star's hotel room on September 18 last year.

Loos said the married father-of-two was an "amazing", "generous" and "giving" lover.

"He knows how to please. He's not afraid of a woman's body. He seems to know what he's doing," she said.

In the morning she said he fed her fresh fruit and left her "feeling like a million dollars".

She left the hotel "breathless".

In the interview she said the pair had slept together fewer than six times but he left her "very satisfied" every time.

But she said their final sexual encounters were more about sex than love.

"It started off tenderly and became much more sexual towards the end," she said.

"We'd only ever talk about sex. I went to visit him at his hotel room before a match and I was very excited to see him.

"It was clothes off, get the action done and out within half an hour. I left there feeling absolutely ... I felt like a whore, I felt really cheap, I felt used."

Loos went on to say the pair embarked on a text-sex affair - sending steamy messages to each other at least twice a week.

She said she never instigated the texts - which once came as she was spending time at a museum with her parents.

Asked if she could prove that the affair took place, Loos said: "There is something I know about him, an intimate part of his body that I think only women who've been in bed with him would know."

When asked if Beckham had been circumcised, she said: "I'm not talking about that. If I do ever need to talk about that, it will be in a court, not on television."

Loos said she thought Beckham's wife Victoria, whom she described as "very busy" and "always surrounded by people" began to "suspect" something and that "rumours" may have got back to her.

She said: "I don't expect any sympathy from her whatsoever. I think it's bad enough what I've done with David."

But she added: "I think the problems were in their marriage long before I came into the picture."

Rebecca denied she planned a kiss-and-tell coup all along.

"Everything happened so fast that I never gave myself the time to let it sink in but by the time I did it was over. It was very difficult to deal with. I was besotted by him."

PR fixer Max Clifford, who secured Loos' interview deal with Sky One, has claimed the interviews will make her story more credible.

"She's articulate with a bright personality. Television really gives her a chance to make a point."

Mr Clifford said the programme would also provide her with a showreel for a possible future career in television. Reports are linking her to reality television shows.

In the media frenzy following the revelations, anything seems possible.

The British media, ever obsessed with social status, have already started assessing Loos' lineage. News of the World crowed that: "Rebecca's more posh than Posh", noting her education at the exclusive Runnymede College and her "cut-glass English accent".

Meanwhile, in the Sun, Jane Moore accused Loos of selling "a fundamentally decent family man down the river" and compounding the offence by "sniffily" suggesting Posh's family were common.

Said Moore: "Well, the Adamses may not have 'old' money, but they're rich in decent morals and family values. Which puts them a cut above Ms Loos any day."

Others have gone further in an attempt to delve into Rebecca Loos' psyche. One "body language expert" judged her performance on television as "thoroughly convincing".

He had seen nothing so believable since the Martin Bashir interview with Diana, he said. "The big cow eyes and tilting of the head are common in both interviews."

The Telegraph's Stephen Robinson, on the other hand, bravely contended that class didn't matter. The interesting thing was the balance of power, he said.

While much had been made of English footballers flaunting their wealth and celebrity to procure girls for casual sex, the Loos affair turned that on its head.

Said Robinson: "It is Rebecca who has wielded the power over Beckham, not just because of her precocious sex appeal, but because she speaks several languages better than Becks can speak English.

"He is the naive fool abroad, cooped up in his gated Madrid estate, unable to converse with his neighbours or team-mates, drawn to Rebecca not because she is posh, or not Posh, but because she is savvy and cosmopolitan and gorgeous."