Victoria has recorded it's lowest coronavirus case numbers in 13 weeks in a stunning result for the state today.

Tragically, there have been a further eight deaths added to the state's tally, but new infections appear to be dropping dramatically with just 28 new cases picked up in the past 24 hours. That is the lowest total since June 24, when 20 new cases were recorded.

Today's numbers mean the 14-day rolling average for Melbourne is 44.4 cases and for regional Victoria it is just 2.9.

Melbourne's average must remain below 50 until September 28 as one of the conditions for the city to take the first step towards re-opening.


Despite the dropping numbers, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said yesterday it was still too early to open Melbourne up, and Melburnians would have to wait to see how the situation plays out over the next 11 days.

The latest figures also show there were 83 cases with an unknown source detected in Melbourne from September 1-14.

During that same period there was just one mystery case picked up in regional Victoria.