A map showing thousands of flights in the air over the US has raised questions over why so many planes are still being allowed to fly across the country.

The map, which was posted to Twitter by global flight tracking service Flightradar24, shows the US covered in tiny yellow planes that represent flights over the country.

"Of the 4800 flights we're currently tracking worldwide, two-thirds are seen in this image," Flightradar24 said about the image.

Though the service noted it would normally be tracking about 13,000 flights rather than less than 5000, people weren't too impressed the US seemed to be allowing more flights than other parts of the world.


"And this picture right here shows why the USA will become the epicentre and have 1000s of deaths," one social media user said.

"We should be seeing nothing but scattered specks on the radar. Only cargo plans delivering supplies to hospitals. The fact that we as a people cannot be bothered to alter our behaviour, even in the short term, is the reason we will lose just as many & probably more at full scale," another person wrote.

Photo / Supplied
Photo / Supplied

A wider look at the map gives an idea of the large number of flights still operation in the US compared to Europe and Africa.

The US now has the most confirmed coronavirus cases in the world, overtaking Italy and China, with more than 121,4000 cases.

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