A shaken South Africa today announced its first two deaths from the coronavirus as the country's cases rose above 1,000 and a three-week lockdown began.

The health minister said the deaths occurred in Western Cape province, home of Cape Town. South Africa has the most virus cases in Africa, where the total across the continent is now above 3,200.

South Africa's military was in the streets helping to enforce measures that include bans on sales of cigarettes and alcohol, even dog-walking. Concerns are high about water supply and social distancing in crowded, low-income townships.

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Security forces with megaphones screamed at people still on the streets shortly after midnight in downtown Johannesburg, the country's commercial hub. Homeless people scattered, looking for places to shelter.

After daybreak, police and military forces surrounded a few dozen homeless people in downtown Johannesburg close to the main train station.

The risk of abuses was a concern. In Rwanda, which imposed a lockdown over the weekend, police have denied that two people shot dead on Monday were killed for defying the new measures.

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