A United States man with a distinctive tattoo is behind bars again months after he first hit the headlines for his unique ink and reckless antics.

Donald Murray, 38, of Terre Haute in Indiana was arrested for car theft after a drug-fuelled chase in the city.

The arrest comes just months after he was wanted by police for a similar crime.

In December Murray was caught on camera leading police in a chase, at night, without his lights on.


He eventually crashed into a tree and escaped on foot.

The case made it on to popular US TV show Live PD, which screened his mugshot and appealed for information.

Police were flooded with tips from viewers who recognised Murray for his tattoos, particularly "crime pays" written across his forehead.

He was eventually arrested and charged resisting law enforcement and reckless driving.

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He was released on January 14 but fell foul of the law again this week when he was arrested for the second, much shorter, chase.

In that case he faces numerous charges including car theft, resisting law enforcement and, you guessed it, possession of methamphetamine.

A local police chief shared Murray's arrest mugshot on Twitter and was flooded with comments.


Twitter users had a field day with the man's unfortunate tattoo, with one writing: "He's not making a very good case for crime paying".

"I hate to judge a person on his looks but…." one wrote, while another added that his crimes were only likely paying his lawyer.

Murray is being held in custody and will face court this week.