The coronavirus epidemic has broken another tragic record with the deadly illness killing 242 people in China in a single day.

Authorities in Hubei, where coronavirus started in December, today announced more than 200 people had died from the disease.

The 242 deaths from Hubei are more than double yesterday's announcement and take the total death toll from the Chinese region to more than 1300.

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The region also confirmed more than 14,000 new cases of coronavirus in Hubei yesterday.

There are still no confirmed or suspected cases of coronavirus in New Zealand, one of NZ's top medical officials says.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield, in an update on the deadly outbreak, said there are now three labs in NZ that can test 24/7 as well as ESR in Wellington.

A woman with a face protection mask walks along the high street in Brighton. Photo / AP
A woman with a face protection mask walks along the high street in Brighton. Photo / AP

"So far over 50 tests have been done that have come back negative; there are a number of tests that are outstanding."

"None of the outstanding tests fit people who have all the symptoms of coronavirus."

Yesterday, The Treasury established an emergency inter-agency coronavirus task force to figure out just how badly the deadly disease will impact New Zealand's economy.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson says the Government is ready to do what it can if things turn particularly sour.

He told MPs this morning that although it is still early days, the initial forecasts are that New Zealand's economy could take a more than $250 million hit.


He did, however, point out that most of the economic damage would be felt in the first quarter of this year and would likely rebound throughout 2020.

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