A judge has been accused of using her courtroom to have group sex with lawyers.

Kentucky judge Dawn Gentry has also been accused of pressurising lawyers into having threesomes with her and her ex-pastor lover while in the courtroom.

Lawyers who turned her requests down have claimed they were then not given preferential treatment in their clients' cases.

Accusers claim she used Snapchat to flirt with lawyers, according to the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission.


But the 38-year-old has denied the allegations.

She is also accused of allowing employees to get drunk on the job as well as having threesomes with her secretary and former lover Stephen Penrose.

Gentry is also understood to have used her position of power to secure her lover a job as a case specialist in court.

Colleague Katherine Schulz said Gentry used Snapchat to ask her to seduce her former husband, Brian Gentry, so that she could then accuse him of infidelity.

Gentry denies she made any sexual advances towards Schulz and all other charges against her.