You know you've taken things too far when Piers Morgan calls you dumb.

That's what happened to outspoken Donald Trump ally David Wohl whose comments about the London Bridge terror attack two hours after two people were stabbed to death have been roundly condemned.

It comes as a controversial tweet about the incident, purporting to be from British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn and criticising police, has been revealed as not being from a fake account, reports.

Wohl, a lawyer who has aligned himself to the US President, wrote on Twitter that he knows how Londoners could have stopped a knifeman before he claimed innocent lives: Guns.


He followed that up with a second tweet declaring: "In reality you can't even defend yourself with a KNIFE in the UK, as they are outlawed as well as firearms. Oh, but the terrorists have knives to kill innocents, because they don't care about the laws. Funny how that works."

English commentator Morgan, who hosts broadcaster ITV's Good Morning Britain show and has created his own share of controversy, followed Wohl's tweet with one of his own.

"How can anyone be this dumb?" he wrote.

Wohl hit back immediately, doubling down on his pro-gun stance.

James Ball, global editor of The Bureau, responded to Wohl.

"The murder rate even in the USA's safest cities is more than double that of London's," he said.

"Also: guns are effectively illegal in London (and across the UK) and this policy is wildly popular. There is no mainstream movement to legalise handguns here."

The comments came not long after a man wearing a fake explosive vest stabbed several people on London Bridge, killing two, before he was tackled by members of the public and then fatally shot by police.


Following the attack, a tweet began circulating said to be from UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Britain is in the midst of an election campaign which could see Mr Corbyn propelled into No. 10 Downing St next month.

"A man was murdered by British Police in broad daylight," the tweet said.

Responses to the tweet suggested some people believed it was indeed from Mr Corbyn. However, it has emerged the tweet was not from Mr Corbyn or Labor and it appeared to be a fake account designed to smear him.

The real Mr Corbyn sent out a tweet praising the Police and emergency services for their response to the attack.

British media including BBC and Sky News, citing security sources, said the attacker was an ex-prisoner with links to Islamic extremist groups. The Times of London said he stabbed people at a criminology conference in London that he was attending.

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Officials would not confirm those details, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he had "long argued" that it was a "mistake to allow serious and violent criminals to come out of prison early." "It is very important that we get out of that habit and that we enforce the appropriate sentences for dangerous criminals, especially for terrorists, that I think the public will want to see," he said.

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