Madeleine McCann's parents have been left distraught after they were trolled on a night out at a Glasgow restaurant.

Kate and Gerry made a rare trip out to Beijing Banquet while visiting family on Saturday.

But while they were in the restaurant, someone took a photo of the couple carrying plates of buffet food back to their table, with a Maddie troll account on Facebook posting: "Mum and dad are closer than I thought."

Among the 3700 comments was an abusive profile set up under the name of Madeleine, who was just 3 years old when she vanished from a hotel room in the Algarve region of Portugal in 2007.


A family source told the Sun: "Kate and Gerry are both shocked and saddened that someone could stoop this low.

"It seems they can't even enjoy a meal out with family on the eve of Remembrance Sunday without some lunatic abusing them and for what purpose? They find it despicable.

"It's more than sickening and sad that at a time to remember our war heroes, people are hitting out at Madeleine's parents. It's been going on since day one and they wonder if it will ever cease. It's cruel, it's callous, it's mindless."

The troll has since been put in their place, with a number of people savaging the person behind the "sick" messages.

Kate and Gerry McCann. Photo / AP
Kate and Gerry McCann. Photo / AP

One posted: "The poor girl could be dead and you're sat here making up stupid accounts you horrible person."

Another added: "I'm shocked at the amount of sick-minded people. A 3-year-old has been missing for 12 years, I dread to think what she's been through if she's still alive."

Sadly, this is not the first time a twisted online account has been set up in Madeleine's name.

Earlier this year a fake Tinder dating account claiming to be Maddie, aged 18, was exposed.


The distasteful profile, with the bio "just want some loving, I have daddy issues, here for a good yin", came up in searches on the app for people seeking dates in Glasgow.

It comes after Netflix released a documentary on the infamous case in March this year, featuring theories behind the toddler's disappearance and interviews with multiple key witnesses and players in the investigation.