A Texas mother has been jailed for six years after putting her 8-year-old son through countless unnecessary surgeries that left him in a wheelchair and with a feeding tube, the New York Post reveals.

Kaylene Bowen-Wright claimed that her son, Christopher, was born with a genetic disorder and then later developed cancer that left him with only months to live.

By the time her son was 8, he had been taken to hospitals and paediatric centres more than 320 times and had 13 unneeded surgeries, the Forth Worth Star-Telegram reports.

Christopher underwent 13 unneeded surgeries. Photo / Facebook
Christopher underwent 13 unneeded surgeries. Photo / Facebook

Christopher's siblings were convinced that their younger brother was dying as he lived with a feeding tube for most of his life as well as spending time in a wheelchair.


Bowen-Wright pleaded guilty in August to causing serious bodily harm to a child and her attorney suggests that she suffers from Munchausen syndrome by proxy requesting that she had therapy instead of jail time.

Prosecutors, however, requested that the mother was sentenced to at least eight years in prison, the same amount of time she put her child through endless pain.

"She stole Christopher's childhood," lead prosecutor Jennifer Sawyer said in court.

Christopher's father, Ryan Crawford, sat through the sentencing wiping away tears for his son, the Morning News revealed.

"I'm glad there was a judge that was able to stand up for Christopher," Crawford, who Christopher is now living with, told the paper.