Having your house raided by Australian Federal Police officers would take many by surprise.

But 54-year-old Reinier Jessurun, who was yesterday jailed for child pornography offences, had predicted their arrival.

In his book, "Natisha", the former Newington College teacher wrote of the fictitious Miskoska family — who are wealthy as a result of their iron ore mining company — and their housekeeping staff.


The sick tome follows a family with parents, Stepan and Tatiana and their two daughters, Helmi and titular character, Natisha, who is under 18. Myrtle Honeysausage is the head chef, Tarzan Simba is the girl's dance instructor and Fenando Hanvandex is the pool attendant and personal trainer.

Beyond the Disneyesque names and occupations, Jessurun wove a shocking narrative of child cloning, murder, rape, imprisonment, sedation and sexual "games" involving young girls.

News.com.au has seen a summary of the novel tendered during court proceedings.

The first chapter, entitled "Getting Dressed", reveals a "secret sexual relationship" between teenager Natisha and the family's maid, Sophia de Rosa.

The book summary explains they "take on submissive and dominant roles in their sexual adventures."

It later reiterates: "Natisha and Sophia … play sexual and erotic games, adopting dominant and submissive roles. Sophia pleasures Natisha. (This is a recurring theme throughout most of the chapters)."

The reader is introduced to Ms Honeysausage who "paints strange and disturbing biblical images" depicting pain and suffering, most of which portray Natisha who is haunted by them.

Jessurun's plot includes "erotic games", cloning and scenes of sexual assault. It also details an assassination, with Natisha going through serious mental health issues and becoming pregnant.

Reinier Jessurun. Photo / Facebook
Reinier Jessurun. Photo / Facebook

But rather than see publication, the confronting story was among the material given to Judge Penelope Hock this week as Jessurun pleaded guilty to possessing child abuse material — some 7574 images — and using a carriage service to transmit child pornography.

Judge Hock jailed him for 18 months with a fixed non-parole period of nine months.

The agreed facts state Jessurun obtained explicit images from a Russian-based image sharing website and stored them on a laptop, external hard drive and USB drive.

He also created three Google accounts and one Yahoo account under variations of the name "Natisha Matzkovko" to transmit 37 images.

They were sent to "other unknown persons" via chat messaging services over nine days.

Thirty-six images were classified as being of "sexually suggestive posing with no sexual activity" and one showed "penetrative sexual activity between children or adults and children".

The broader collection of child abuse material was discovered by AFP officers when they executed a search warrant at his home in Edgecliff and also in Stanmore in April 2018.

Some were found in a folder titled "Cold Feet — Season 5", according to the court documents.

"I admit I've done it, I'm here for full disclosure," Jessurun said in a recorded interview at the time. He declined the offer of a lawyer.

"My understanding is that I have behaved in an illegal way and I have downloaded some material which is against federal laws and an investigation has been carried out," he said.

Jessurun said he was writing a book and the main character, Natisha, was a woman of Russian heritage aged in her late teens to early 20s.

"He stated he created the various email addresses … because he was lonely and because he was trying to develop the fictional character of Natisha Matzkovko," the facts state.

"He stated he stored the images because he was interested, there was an element of sexual gratification, and to delve deeper into the psychology of the fictional character of his book."

Jessurun ran from court on Thursday. He left on Friday in a prison truck. Photo / Channel 10
Jessurun ran from court on Thursday. He left on Friday in a prison truck. Photo / Channel 10

The judge said he told police he didn't encrypt the material because "he had a sense of guilt".

Jessurun said: "There was a sense of genuine guilt and remorse and almost — the knowledge that one day I'll have a group of people knocking at the door asking me questions like today".

"I'm aware of exactly what I've done and it's all about full disclosure and I will bear whatever consequences there are," he said.

When asked if he was sexually attracted to children, he replied: "The answer is actually no".

Jessurun had also asked the officers: "What else would you like to know?".

Judge Hock said psychological reports confirmed he was suffering "major depression with psychotic features" at the time of the offending having returned to Australia and also divorced.

She said the arrest and yesterday's convictions marked an end to Jessurun working in schools.

"He has of course lost his career and will never again be able to work in his chosen profession, at least in respect of teaching children," she said.

The 54-year-old was immediately stood down by Newington College when charges were laid.

Headmaster Michael Parker said the crimes were "abhorrent and have no place in society".

"Our students are always the primary concern of the college, and their welfare is above everything we do," Mr Parker said in a statement to news.com.au.

"The college has communicated with parents and counsellors continue to be available to any boys or families who need additional support as a result of this case.

"As someone who believes education is a critically important vocation, I am deeply troubled by crimes such as this."

In a letter to the court, seen by news.com.au, Jessurun said he was deeply sorry and ashamed and had tried to put his life "back on track" with professional help over the past 14 months.

"Sorry does not begin to explain how truly ashamed I am of what I did," Jessurun wrote.

"I make absolutely no excuse for my conduct, which was abhorrent and inexcusable."

He will be eligible for parole in May 2020 and his full sentence will expire in February 2021.