WARNING: Graphic images

Pilots flying over Bribie Island's northwestern beaches were met by a heartbreaking scene this afternoon.

One took to social media asking about the "pile of dead kangaroos" spotted from the air.

Bushfires at Bribie Island engulfed campsites on Wednesday and Thursday, with water bombers deployed from helicopters top douse the remaining flames today, reports News.com.au.


While it's unclear how the fires started, a Bribie Island hazard reduction burn reportedly broke containment lines earlier this week.

The heartbreaking images show up to 40 kangaroo carcasses spotting the shoreline between Second and Fourth Lagoon.

The animals were thought to be fleeing for the water after bushfires near Top Swamp and Ocean Beach campsite quickly spread.

While campers were evacuated immediately from the region, the blaze has had devastating consequences for local wildlife.

The animals made a beeline for the water, in an attempt to escape the blaze. Photo / Supplied
The animals made a beeline for the water, in an attempt to escape the blaze. Photo / Supplied

"The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) has contained the fire in the northern section of Bribie Island," a spokesperson for the Department of Environment and Science (DES) said.

"QPWS will continue to monitor the fire throughout the weekend to keep it contained. The cause of the fire will be investigated.

"Unfortunately, uncontrolled bushfires do claim the lives of native animals. DES will conduct an assessment of the impact to protected areas and native species."

Residents have been warned to contact the appropriate authorities to deal with injured wildlife.


"If you come across a sick, injured or orphaned animal, please do not touch or attempt to help the animal yourself. Instead contact RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625) or your local wildlife carer."

Ocean Beach, the Ocean Beach camping area and Northern Access track on Bribie Island remain closed.