An elderly man forced a woman out of her seat on a crowded train and threatened to beat her to death after she refused to give up her seat because she was on her period.

The incident took place on a train that was travelling between Huangtuling Station and Tujiachong Station in Changsha, Hunan province, in south-central China.

The angry exchange took place August 20 and was filmed by a fellow passenger identified as Mr Jin on his camera phone.

A man dressed in a yellow T-shirt, wearing sunglasses approached the young woman identified as Ms Fang and criticised her for not giving up her seat to older people.


Ms Fang can be heard saying: "It's fine if you ask me to give up the seat for you because you are old, but does the seat have a name?"

The man, who has not been identified in reports, then rudely responded: "There is no name on it but I need to sit!"

He then forces her out of the seat while threatening her with his umbrella and saying: "I will beat you to death."

Ms Fang defended her position claiming she was on her period.

Photo / Australscope
Photo / Australscope

"Who is 'unreasonable'? Don't you know women are uncomfortable on some days?" she said.

One of the women passengers also stepped in and defended Ms Fang saying that offering a seat should be a voluntary choice.

Cameraman Mr Jin then wanted to ask for help from the train staff, but the old man suddenly got off the train, according to reports.

Local media report Ms Fang, with tears in her eyes, contacted her family.


The man who filmed the incident accompanied the woman to the police station where she reported it.

Ms Fang reportedly explained that she was unwilling to give up her seat because she had her period and was not feeling well.

The case is currently under investigation and the old man is yet to be identified.