A man in his 20s has been arrested by UK police after stalking the lanes of a small Somerset village while wearing a full rubber "gimp" suit and attacking a woman "'while grunting and breathing heavily".

The victim was enjoying a late-night walk through Claverham when the assailant pounced, jumping out and charging at her.

Avon and Somerset Police confirmed they had arrested a man on suspicion of indecency.

A police spokesman said: "We've arrested a man in his 20s on suspicion of indecency offences in the Claverham and Yatton area.


"It follows 14 reports of a man approaching people while wearing disguises, one of which was a black body suit.

"The man is currently in custody and inquiries into the series are ongoing."

The victim, who had the presence of mind to take a photo of man, told the BBC that she was "hugely affected" by the incident.

"I was walking along with my torch and looked up to see someone charging at me in a full black rubbery suit and managed to take a picture," she said.

"He kept coming towards me and was touching his groin, grunting and breathing heavy.

"As I tried to take a step back he was right in front of my face and he put his leg forward. I was just trying to assess the situation in my head quickly.

The victim snapped this chilling photo as she was attacked. Photo / Supplied
The victim snapped this chilling photo as she was attacked. Photo / Supplied

"Everything was running through my head. I thought: 'This is it, I'm going to get attacked'.

"I was looking round thinking, 'oh my god'."


The victim went on to say she had been left feeling "panicked ... that there's someone watching ... and I don't want to go out.

"It's not just a man jumping out at me going boo," she said.

"Every time I close my eyes I just see that face."