A Russian schoolgirl, who was allegedly lured into selling her virginity for more than $7000, has been saved from a life of sex slavery in a police sting this week.

The known sex trafficker, who allegedly made contact with the 16-year-old girl online through an accomplice, was arrested in an elaborate police sting in the city of Moscow on Tuesday evening.

Local newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravda, reported that Russian police had detained a 32-year-old man, known only as Said, who had allegedly attempted to sell the girl into a life of sex slavery, reports news.com.au.


The teenager, known as Vika, claimed she was initially contacted online by Said's alleged accomplice, Yuri, who was posing as a "pick up artist" and groomed her over a period of time.


Vika, described by friends as the most "beautiful" girl in their school, was always attracting boys at school.

"Guys are always stuck to Vic, because she is fun and charming," her friends told a local newspaper.

Yuri convinced Vika to sell her virginity, in a one-time exchange, to the highest bidder.

The pair chatted over several days, with Yuri promising Vika she would be kept safe at all times, The Sun reports.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Yuri's boss Said was allegedly conducting a vile business deal that would ensure Vika spent the rest of her life in sexual servitude.


Said had allegedly sourced an anonymous buyer and negotiated a contract, which promised him a 16-year-old virgin to keep as a sex slave for as long as he wanted.

Local media reports the alleged arrangement ensured that, "from the time of the conclusion of the contract could he do whatever he wishes to Vika".

The teenager, who lives in the Russian province of Chuvashia, travelled to Moscow, believing she was about to be paid to have sex with a stranger.


She later told police that she had hidden her plan from her family and had asked her friends to "cover for her" while she was away, according to Komsomolskaya Pravda.


Local media reports Said met Vika on Tuesday evening and took her to a restaurant in Moscow's east where she was to meet the man who would take her virginity.

"Here, Said was supposed to meet with a client who, for the agreed amount, was actually going to take Vika into (sexual) slavery," local newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda reported.

Russian police, tipped off to the plot, staged an operation in Moscow to protect the underage girl.

Said met Vika's agreed "owner" in Moscow, where the pair allegedly exchanged money.

Moments after the deal was done, police pounced, arresting Said and charging him with human trafficking offences.

Said had no intention of giving Vika any of the money he had promised her, police allege.

A police officer also told the Russian newspaper that Said — a father to a young boy — had no idea police were onto him, when he allegedly attempted to carry out his plan.

"He was entirely sure that he was seeing the buyer that he had sought for the 16-year-old girl," the officer said.

"Said was also fully aware that after the payment, Vika, an 11th grade school student, would be owned by the buyer, who could dispose of her destiny and life in any way."

Said's alleged accomplice, Yuri, has not yet been charged for his role in the plot.