A car which has been labelled "Britain's messiest" was so full of rubbish that the driver couldn't get to the handbrake in time and ended up crashing the vehicle.

The car rolled backwards and hit another car after the driver parked it.

Hampshire Police reportedly found the car filled with shopping bags, newspapers, bin bags, electronics and even some plant life, as well as other assorted items.

Police took to Twitter to post photos of the aftermath of the crash.


"Boris Johnson's car is a dream compared to this one! Driver couldn't get the hand brake on and rolled back into a parked vehicle. I wonder why?" they posted alongside the photos.

The reference to Boris Johnson's car comes after the politician's vehicle came under scrutiny last week, when it was photographed full of discarded coffee cups and a whole lot of other rubbish inside.

"That is actually the most messy car I have ever seen in my life," a Twitter user wrote.

"It's like a rubbish (excuse the pun) version of the generation game! It's got just about everything in it," someone else said.

It is not known whether the driver will face prosecution.