An elderly woman who was caught driving at twice the speed limit with "an unrestrained teddy bear" has been fined and apologised to police.

On October 17 Eileen Skelton, from Belfast, was caught by police travelling 60mph (96km/h) in a 30mph (48km/h) zone, the Belfast Telegraph reported.

Due to the 84-year-old's excessive speed, the matter was taken to court as the ordeal couldn't be dealt with by Fixed Penalty Notice.

In court, the judge said: "It would appear there was an unrestrained teddy bear in the car.


"Nonetheless, in view of the long clear record I will deal with this in the same manner as a Fixed Penalty Notice."

The woman was fined £60 (NZ$112) and was given three demerit points.

The 84-year-old apologised to police during the incident, saying "I didn't realise. I'm sorry. I was concentrating on the road. I don't go out to be rough on the roads."

In June 2016 a 79-year-old Belgium woman was caught in a Porsche driving at 239km/h.

The elderly woman was reportedly having trouble falling asleep and decided to take her Porsche Boxster GTS for a spin in the middle of the night to "clear her head".

In court the woman claimed she "had no idea" she was travelling that fast.

She was fined NZ$6770.