Distressed parents were forced to take their children from theme park shows after protesters refused to leave and labelled them "disgusting".

Fun family days out across the weekend have turned ugly as "peaceful" protesters storm Gold Coast theme parks.

Demonstrators who targeted several amusement parks held their hands up in peace signs, despite the situation becoming quite violent.

Dozens of children were forced to watch distressing situations at Sea World on Saturday after the group, Justice for Captives, refused to get out of the water until its famous dolphin show was stopped.


Some families left while others continued to wait patiently, hoping the interrupted show would resume after the group first took to the front of the audience with banners.

Not getting their way, the remaining group who weren't escorted from the premises then jumped into the water.

Live videos were taken in the front of the dolphin pool, while others who broke free from the group appeared to break in at the rear of the performance venue and enter the pool there.

The crowd booed the disruption, which started as soon as the show began, yelling at the group that they were ruining their days.

"You're ruining those dolphins' lives," yelled back one of the protesters.

The situation became further heated when the protester in the video claimed a man in the crowd called her a "filthy w**re" and "groped and hurt" her.

The group also managed to make their way to the back of the dolphin show at Sea World. Photo / Supplied
The group also managed to make their way to the back of the dolphin show at Sea World. Photo / Supplied

"A few other people also hurt me and someone pushed me down the stairs," she said in the footage posted to the group's Facebook page.

"I've actually been assaulted."


The woman then called parents "disgusting" for behaving in such a way in front of their kids.

But even children in the crowd were giving the demonstrators the thumbs down.

The audience then cheered as police arrived, but the protester said she would stay and keep filming despite having 10 per cent battery, before the video cut out as police moved in.

Some of the members have since claimed they were "brutally" treated by police.

"We were identified as potentially causing a scene," said the woman.

"Four of us made it in (the water); they took our banners off us. The others have been escorted out but we're going to stay here as long as possible.

"We're not leaving until they stop the show."

The woman claimed she was assaulted by staff, as members of her group shouted "captivity is cruel".

"We're very pleased with how we've conducted ourselves … and we're being sworn at by people with children," she said.

"People are throwing food into the water."

The group successfully shut down the dolphin show and disrupted the seal show where one arrest was made.

They also stormed Village Roadshow's Outback Spectacular show on Saturday night, and Dreamworld, which is owned by another company, on Sunday.

The protesters have ignited debate on social media, with many applauding their efforts, while others have condemned their behaviour.

"The trauma you are causing to people by carrying on like this is inappropriate," said one woman.

Protesters show off their infringement notices. Photo / Justice for Captives/Facebook
Protesters show off their infringement notices. Photo / Justice for Captives/Facebook

"You are saying look at them carrying on in front of their children. Look at what you have just shown … you are not heroes. Go and lobby the government. You are entering premises by false pretence and traumatising people in the audience."

Others pointed out how Dreamworld has a successful captive breeding program for the highly endangered greater bilby and called for protesters to get their priorities right.

Some said they would dob the group into CASA for using a drone at the Oxenford theme park.

The group proudly posted how five of them had been arrested and charged, each served a $780 infringement notice.

Police said they were reviewing footage from the protests.