A deaf 10-year-old schoolboy was chased and beaten up by a gang of six, who then ripped out his hearing aids and stamped on them.

The unprovoked and 'hateful' attack happened around 7pm on September 28 on Lister Road in Beechdale, Walsall.

West Midlands Police say that the 10-year-old was pushed over, kicked and then stamped on.

They say he is "very frightened and shaken" by the shocking assault.


The gang, who were all older boys, tore the 10-year-old's hearing aids from his head, flung them to the ground and crushed them underfoot, the MailOnline reported.

Police say that it will cost several thousands of pounds to replace the destroyed hearing implants.

Sergeant Adam Hicklin, of the force's CID, said: 'We are appealing for help with identifying this group of bullies who launched an unprovoked and hateful attack on a defenceless young boy.

"In addition to physical injuries, the boy is very frightened and shaken and has suffered damage to his hearing aids that will cost several thousand pounds to replace."

A JustGiving page has been set-up to help the boy's parents replace his broken hearing aids.

It aims to raise £2,500 and has already raised more than £2,200.