It's what you do when there's absolutely NOTHING better to do or you really must watch something disgusting.

The Museum of London has launched a live video of a slice of fatberg - called FatCam, of course.

The idea, HuffPostUK reports, is so that people can watch it decompose over time.

Museum curators claim the fatberg is no longer "sweating or hatching flies" but instead growing a toxic mould with "yellow pustules."


HuffPostUK says the slice is from a 250m-long fatberg weighing 130 tonnes that was found in a sewer beneath Whitechapel, London, last year.

Curators say it tells the story of modern urban life.

The Guardian described it as "the slow sweating of a disgusting, calcified mass of faeces, fats, oils, wet wipes and sanitary products".

It says visitors are "fascinated and nauseated" by fatbergs.

Vyki Sparkes told the Guardian: "Fatbergs are created by people and businesses who discard fat and rubbish into our historic sewer system. By adding these samples to our permanent collections, we are preserving material evidence of how we live now and, as we change our habits and attitudes, fatbergs could well become history."