Meeting a complete stranger to have a stunted conversation over warm beer in the vain hope of finding true love can be a daunting experience for many young people.

But for President Donald Trump's campaign staff in Washington, dating is almost guaranteed to end in disaster - with many being dumped on the spot and verbally abused once their political leanings are uncovered.

According to the new website Politico, the president's millennial officials are at their wits' end after undergoing one disastrous romantic encounter after the other.

"You do the small-talk thing, and you have a very good conversation, and then they might say, 'You didn't vote for Trump, right?'" one 31-year-old female official told news website Politico.


"As soon as I say, 'Of course I did,' it just devolves into all-caps 'HOW COULD YOU BE SUCH A RACIST AND A BIGOT?' And 'You're going to take away your own birth control,'" she added.

In one incident, a prospective date wrote: "Do you rip babies from their mothers and then send them to Mexico?" And another said on a dating app: "Thanks but no thanks. Just Googled you and it said you were a mouthpiece for the Trump administration. Go f--- yourself."

According to Politico, the dearth of romantic encounters in the famously pro-Democrat city has led many to settle for office liaisons.

The media has responded to the news with wry amusement, with Business Insider crowing that "Young Trump staffers are complaining they can't date in DC because everyone hates them."