Horrifying surveillance footage shows the moment a man was approached taking money out of an ATM and shot dead by a teen robber.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office released the video on Tuesday, nearly five months after the deadly shooting.

The video shows 26-year-old Dillon Bud Calvin Steve taking money out of a Bank of America ATM in North Miami Beach around 8.45pm on November 1, when a young man starts to walk up behind him.

Steve appears to notice the young man in the reflection of the bank's windows, but continues with his withdrawal.


Eventually, the young man, identified as 17-year-old Marcine Hill, comes up right behind him and pulls out a gun.

The video has no sound, so it's unclear what Hill says, but it appears he threatens him to turn over his money.

Steve backs up and then throws what appears to be a wad of cash at the teen. When Hill squats down to pick up the money, Steve lunges and the two get into a scuffle.

Within seconds though, Hill starts running away and Steve doubles over, clutching a bleeding stomach wound.

The video ends with Steve walking to a van where his mother was waiting for him and falls to the ground, writhing in pain as she tries to get help.

Steve was rushed to Aventura Hospital where he died of his injuries.

Prosecutors didn't release the full surveillance video until this week, but they did circulate stills of the suspect, and received several tips saying it was Hill who carried out the armed robbery.

He was arrested two days later at a residence in Lauderhill.


Hill is in jail without bond awaiting trial for second-degree murder.

Because he was a minor at the time, he is not eligible for the death penalty, but could still spend the rest of his life in prison.