A bus carrying 20 middle and high school students slid out of control down a street in Sutton, Massachusetts today, according to CBS Boston.

Cheryl Kearney Katz posted a video of the incident to Facebook.

The bus was attempting to drive up an icy road when it slid backward, knocking over mailboxes before coming to rest against a car. No injuries were reported. Local officials said main roads had been treated, but smaller streets, such as the one where the bus slid, had not been addressed yet, according to NBC Boston.

In a separate incident in Sutton, two adults and a child were hospitalized after a school van crashed.


It's been a challenging couple of days for school transportation.

The same storm that caused the icing in interior New England dumped a foot of snow in Minneapolis on Monday. Between 2 and 6 pm alone, eight inches poured down on the Twin Cities.

St Paul Public Schools failed to dismiss students early, and some buses were stuck on the roads until 11pm at night.