Wednesbury Oak Academy in the UK has come under fire for its 'pay to play' policy for the new playground, with parents accusing the school of segregation.

Pupils at the primary school were banned from using the new playground equipment unless their parents pitched in to pay for it.

The West Midlands school asked parents to contribute with $11 towards the equipment and the children of those who did not chip in were barred from using it.

The result was children from the same school separated in two different playgrounds, according to reports.


Some parents said their kids were left upset by the school's decision.

Outraged parents launched a petition to end what they called "social and financial discrimination" at the school.

More than 1500 signed the petition.

The school has now backed down on the decision.

The school's chair of governors said in a statement it had "listened to the concerns raised and will be ending the scheme with immediate effect".