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A teenager from Utah in the United States has been arrested following the death of his two-month-old son.

Clint Nokes, 19, called emergency services on December 1 and told them his baby boy was not breathing.

Paramedics rushed to the home but could not revive the baby who was sent straight to hospital.

Posted by Krista Larsen on Monday, 4 December 2017

The young father told authorities at the time that he had been trying to burp baby Hudson after a feed when he suddenly went limp.

However, doctors at the hospital later told authorities the baby's body presented signs of violence, including bruised head and ribs and a skull fracture.

The infant also had detached retinas and was bleeding in the brain.

Baby Hudson died on December 2 and an autopsy later revealed the shocking extent of his injuries.

He had a four-inch fracture in his skull, haemorrhaged optic nerves, and bloody spinal fluid. He also had a broken tibia, broken ribs and broken humerus.

Posted by Krista Larsen on Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Following the autopsy results, KUTV reports the father admitted to physically abusing the child after getting tired of him crying.

He said he "chucked" the child on the couch and into the swing, in an attempt to stop him crying. He also reportedly admitted to pulling the baby by the leg and carrying it by the leg across rooms in the house, as well as holding the baby and jumping up and down causing the boy's head to flop back and forth.

The father is currently being held without bail at Davis County Jail.


The baby's mother, Krista Larsen, has been posting photos of baby Hudson on Facebook and the whole family is joining in on online tributes to the boy.

"This little boy lit up our lives for the short time he was here," Larsen's sister, Savannah Fielding Larsen, wrote on Facebook.